Getting a home inspection


Should I get a home inspection?


People will ask themselves "should I/we get a home inspection?"

Some people may think "hey, we can save a little time and money if we skip the inspection process." In all actuality the average items disclosed during a home inspection will end up saving the new home owner hundreds if not thousands of dollars that they would have to spend to replace a faulty water heater or possibly a central heating system that was not disclosed by the existing homeowner or realtor.

No home is perfect but at the same time that doesn't mean that every house is going to have something major wrong with it that will in turn be a "deal killer." With the houses that don't turn up any significant problems you will have the peace of mind in knowing that you will be receiving exactly what you are paying for. 

I understand that this is a hectic time for all involved and I try to put the homeowners at ease by letting them know that I am not there to nitpick or to give my opinion about how their house is decorated, I let the realtor know that I am not trying to make their job harder or that I am going to kill their deal  and I let my clients know that I have their best interests in mind as I am going through the house performing my inspection.